Birthplace of the Bloody Mary?


The birthplace of the Bloody Mary?  The first Bloody Mary was supposedly made here at Harry’s New York Bar located in the heart of Paris, France.

harrys 2

It’s creator was bartender Fernand Petiot, who ended up leaving France to bartend at the St. Regis Hotel, where he perfected the cocktail.  His timing coincided with the end of the Prohibition & the start of the Great Depression.


Peep this video of a Bloody Mary being made at Harry’s!

(Thanks to Liver Bashers for the pics!)


Heat Check


Wasabi + Srihacha = Money

While Union Sushi (230 W Erie, River North) is better know for its black rice dishes, their bloody mary stands to be one of Chicago’s spiciest.  Is it the wasabi or the srihacha that causes the burn?

All I know is that their bloody, paired with a pickled Vidalia onion and stuffed olive on a skewer, is a solid go-to (this was my third time here, solid each time).

Know Your Roots


If you live in Chicago, you know Roots Pizza in Ukranian Village for its Quad Cities-style pizza made from local & organic ingredients.  But you probably didn’t know they have a ridiculous drink selection, as well as a solid bloody mary.

Using a housemade mix with Finlandia vodka & topped with mozzarella, salami & pepperoncini skewer, this simple yet effective classic is as recommended as their Antique Taco pizza or Lillie Q pizza!


sweet spice 2

When making a bloody mary at home, we can get into routines. We will buy the same bottled mix or use the same vodka. Why not mix it up?  Instead of buying a bottled mix, try making your own mix using a seasoning.

sweet spice

I tried Sweet Is The Spice “Secret Spice” seasoning with some tomato juice & it worked as a unique alternative to my usual routine.  I usually make mine the same – spicy with lots of horseradish & Worcestershire and other salty additions.  Secret Spice is a flavor unlike any other – a mix of smoky and mild-to-moderately spicy.  If you want a real zesty mix, you can add more of the spice…or use less to tone it back.  It’s made up of organic smoked paprika, organic cayenne pepper, toasted & ground organic mustard seed, organic cane sugar, sea salt, organic garlic powder, and organic black pepper.

sweet spice 2

In addition to bloodies, it can be used as a rib rub, for pulled pork, chili, chicken, chip dip, and as a BBQ sauce.  Hit up Sweet Is The Spice here for Secret Spice & other rubs & seasonings.  My friend Angela is the owner and will take care of you!